Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"ForMax" Event Raises Over One Million Lindens

Late last month, noted content creator Maxwell Graf sent out a plea for help saying he and his wife were facing an eviction, and with no savings was asking people to come to his store and buy an item or two so he could have more cash. Very quickly, people began organizing a shopping fundraiser to help him out more.
There were many stores involved in the event taking place in the Apple Fall sim. By Friday October 6, 250,000 Lindens had been raised. When the event finally ended yesterday on October 10, it had reached the one million mark.

Thank you - we did it!
The ForMax Event has come to a close. I am literally shaking as I write this, as the level of love, help and generosity of the Second Life Community has shown us what true spirit means. The amount raised has topped across the donations/raffle and creator items over 1,000,000 Linden. This hopefully gives our Max a safety net for the short term so he and his family can start to plan their new chapter. A list of all sales is already available to Max for audit (locked script) and donations/raffle in addition.

You did an amazing thing for a Man who has helped so many himself, and you all made a difference this week. Thank you. Thank you.

There was also a raffle held, which was won by JessyWildCat Resident. with Zero1112 Resident and CrazyandSweet Resident as second and third place finishers.

Those still interested in dropping by the event area to purchase an item can head to Apple Fall (128/133/29), at least as long as the stalls remain. More information can be read in the event's Facebook page.

 Hat Tip: New World Notes

Bixyl Shuftan

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