Monday, June 29, 2015

YadNi's Junkyard Closing Down

For newcomers to Second Life looking for free items, one of the top places to go to, if not *the* top place, was YadNi's Junkyard. Run by YadNi Monde, his profile states he started it about April 2004, and was the first freebie "store" in Second Life. After running for eleven years, it retained it's popularity, recommended by both websites and residents' word of mouth. Gemma Cleanslate wrote about the place in September 2012.

On June 23, YadNi announced via Google Plus that the days of his Junkyard were over. He had taken it down.

YadNi's Junkyard has closed today.

After 11 years of helping thousands (of) new residents with REAL freebies, full perms for free, and one of the longest lasting money trees, I had to close the place today.

I hope you have good memories of that place.

His post was followed by sad comments, people remembering how important the place was, and wishing him well, "The Junkyard was a vital part of many, many, people's Second Life experience. As a relative latecomer in 2007, it created a connection for me with the history and culture of SL it would have been impossible to gain otherwise." "This is sad news, one of the first places I visited and would take people to when they joined.  Thank you for giving everyone this place for so long. Your dedication is noteworthy and it will be truly missed." "Thank you YadNi Monde . Your Junkyard changed my SL experience for the better. I taught myself how to build by looking at how the freebies were put together and textured. Building is the main reason I still do this. I brought so many friends to the Junkyard over the years and we all appreciated your generosity. You are a huge part of everyone's SL."

YadNi was humbled at these comments, "Thanks a lot guys, i am touched by your words, and very sorry i had no other choice."

Heading to it's location in the Leda sim on the Second Life mainland, I found the place was already gone. Nothing was left but a depression in the rocky ground.

And so, the first and best known freebies place is fading away into the virtual nether.

Source: Daniel Voyager

Bixyl Shuftan

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  1. I feel sorry for newbies now. Sigh. I got so much stuff from that place.