Monday, June 8, 2015

New Reporters, New Sponsorship Level

It's been a lot of fun celebrating the Newser Anniversary, but that's not all we have to crow about.

In the past couple weeks, we've had three new reporters join our ranks, Leona Kitty, Syndra (Katakanna), and Ozymandius (0zymandi). They've already sent in some articles. Ozymandius did a great review of the Insilico roleplay area. Syndra brought our Fashion section out from inactivity. And Leona has gotten the attention of people wanting to advertise here. We're looking forward to more of their articles.

Also, we've had requests for a smaller level of sponsorship from people who are looking to do so long term, but have doubts about doing so at the level our normal sponsorships require. So we're introducing our Secondary Sponsorships. These are much like Primary Sponsorships, but are on other sections other than the main one (People, Places, Events, etc.). These are currently 5,000 Linden dollars for a three month period, extendable by purchasing more time.

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