Saturday, June 27, 2015

SL Video: "What Second Life Means to Me - Stephanie Meyer

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Uploaded on January 20, "I wanted to make a contribution to the celebration of Second Life's twelfth birthday. This is my first machinima, and it is pretty choppy, but I wanted to show some of the things I enjoy in Second Life. In spite of the claims that 'Second Life is a wasteland' one of the reasons the machinima is so jagged is because people kept dropping in - Because of privacy concerns, I had to crop out everything that identified residents by name. If I had had more time I would have tried to get people's permission to include them.

"I used a trial version of Camtasia for Mac to make the machinima. The software was relatively easy to use and I recommend it for anyone who wants to try making a machinima. The upside-down house is a freebie from the Linden Library. The sailboat was a past gift for premium members, as was the dinosaur avatar; however, if you join Second Life soon I think you can get a free dinosaur avatar of your own even if you are not a premium member. Come see!

" Filmed in the River Run Annex in Cecropia, Linden Botanical Gardens, Falmouth Hotel, Chalet Linden* and surrounds, Premium Jungle, a Sandbox, Linden Seas, Tiny Isle of Mists, and River Run in Mocha.
*I called it 'Chateau Linden' in the machinima, sorry."

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