Thursday, June 11, 2015

Eye On The Blog: "Tiki-astik Party," Early Access to SL12B Avatar, For Premium Members

In their latest post on the official blog, Linden Lab announced a special party just for Premium members. The party takes place for one hour today, during which time those attending will be able to get access to the special Second Life Birthday avatar for this year.

Splish Splash - it’s a Tiki Beach Bash!

Premium members - this one is just for you, so be sure to save the date! We’ve lit the tiki torches and brushed up on our fruity drink-mixing skills to host a casual gathering with the added bonus of early access to our Official Second Life 12th Birthday commemorative avatar.

That’s right - come to the SL12B Premium Meetup on Thursday June 11th from 10:30 to 11:30 AM SLT, hang out with us, and be one of the first to glimpse and grab the celebratory 12th anniversary avatar. The nature of this particular avatar required us to select a remote island for our gathering as well as implement a strict quarantine on the subject, so you’re going to have to drop by our tropical jungle destination to find out what it is.

Linden Lab stated the avatar kiosk will remain up for Premium members to get the avatar from until Midnight SL time on Friday June 12, "even if you can’t come to the Tiki party, you can still get early access to the avatar." They also stated, "here will be more fun for all members to enjoy throughout the month."

It was just a few days ago in which the Lab announced an increase in the number of groups residents can join for Premium accounts only. It seems they're picking up the pace in which they offer perks for Premiums.

One can read the post in it's entirety: here.

SL12B Premium Beach (170/242/22)

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