Thursday, June 11, 2015

Press Release: Steelhead Art City

Art City Kickoff
June 12th
The kickoff begins Friday June 12th with Vincent Starry Night Dance. Come as your favorite Artist, or favorite piece of art.

Painted Purple Flower Walk, an RFL event
Friday June 19th
We will be setting up a purple flower garden in Steelhead St Helens. If you would like to dedicate a purple flower to a loved one we'll have those available in June. Our RFL event will be Purple Rain for the Friday night Dance. The garden will be left up through the end of the RFL relay weekend.

Artwork Displays running from June 12th through June 30th
Artists will be assigned their spaces. We can begin doing installations and hanging on the 9th.

Photography Displays
We're making space for everyone interested to hang pieces of original photography. The photography can be anything in SL or in RL. We will also have a wall of Steelhead photography in the Steelhead City Hall where everyone can contribute photos of Steelhead. If you are interested in contributing photography please contact Eladrienne Laval to get your official frame. The deadline to adding photos on the walls is June 11th.

Drawn Artwork Display
For those who draw or paint in the outside RL world. If you are an artist and would like to contribute some of your artwork please let Steelhead Resident know by June 9th so we can set you up with a wall or area to display your creations. Please contact Eladrienne Laval with the amount of art you are wishing to display so we can set you up with a location.

Sculpture Art Display
For those interested in creating a sculpture display. We would like to give you a small lot and prims to work with so you can create a prim collage or sculpture or diorama. These sculptures will be set up in Steelhead Harborside. Please contact Eladrienne Laval asap to be assigned a location.

Art Exhibits
If you'd like to display an exhibit around art or your favorite artist please contact Eladrienne Laval or Steelhead Resident so we can get you set up with an area and prims for your exhibit.

Poetry and Storytelling Art
We will be hosting a Steelhead style Poetry Slam complete with guns nuns and nuclear bombs. We are still working on dates for our storytelling art and poetry slam so we'll have more information on that soon for sign ups. Jaz Beverly is going to be directing the storytelling.

 Exhibitor Application

Please drop a notecard on Eladrienne Laval or Steelhead Resident with the following (and title it):





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