Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Tribute City Relayers

I am  very fortunate to be a member of a great team for the Relay for Life this year. . It is a very  busy team , having events almost every weekend, either solo or in collaboration with another team. The team Captain, John,  johannes1977 Resident  is on top of everything that is going on. He and his  co- captains, Ava Jhamin, CiaraNiamh McDonnell, Earth Nirvana, Emma Portilo, holdencanturbury, Jessii2009 Warrhol, and Rob Fenwitch have been working hard on so many amazing activities to help raise money for the American Cancer Society . Because it is called the American Cancer Society don’t get the impression it only is for Americans. It is a  world wide effort, to find a cure for cancer and to aid those who are living with the many forms of the disease. 

Our team has been very successful and received two awards over the weekend at the Half Way event:The Sapphire Ribbon indicating that we have raised over L$ 1,109,398 , including donations made from real life , which is over $ 4000. The fun events have included parties with dj’s, raffles of donated items by generous artists and shops in Second Life. There was a fun skating party , a spring fest with a combination of fun stuff going on, carnival, parties, shopping. fishing contests  all in one weekend. Fashion shows have presented. 

One of my favorites besides the Springfest weekend and the Mer party was the Gatsby Fundraiser . Every one dressed in the early 1900‘s outfits, Very glamorous!.... We are not at the end , far from it, only half way to the goals.  Look for  Relay for Life kiosks all around the grid and help support this ongoing effort and many thanks to those who already have and continue . 

Gemma Cleanslate

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