Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Press Release: Relay For Life Team Sunbeamers 2nd Annual Farshore Field Road Rally

    Team Sumbeamers welcome you to the Relay For Life 2nd annual Farshore Field Road Rally. The event will be on Saturday 27th June 2015 located on  Pacific Waters (77, 87, 31). This year the track is much longer and filled with twist and turns. There are even a few road hazards. The result is you will need to rely on skill rather than speed. The rally will have two classes consisting of Cars/Trucks and Motorcycles. You can race in both and the best time in 5 laps is taken. Racing starts at 8AM SLT and runs until 4PM SLT where afterwards the times are tallied and trophies given.

Questions can be sent to Cynthia Farshore via IM, notecards, or used the phone located inside The Puddle Jumper Mall located on the field.

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