Saturday, June 6, 2015

SL Videos: SL Newser Exhibits, SL9B and SL10B (Repeats)

With this being our anniversary weekend, and the SL12B not far away, we're repeating this videos of two of our exhibits for earlier Second Life Birthday events. For the office tower we had for the SL10B, one can see the portraits on the ground floor, and Gemma Cleanslate and Qwark Allen are looking out from the top floor of the office tower there.

Here's Qwark's build for our first exhibit, the office we had for the SL8B, during which an impromptu "office meeting" was held. Gemma didn't think too much of it as Qwark's recording made her look like her mouth was wide open, "I look like I'm yelling at the boss!" No she wasn't as I was there.

This year, Qwark Allen is on hiatus, and we're doing something a bit different from the office theme we've had in the past. So what is it? You'll see.

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