Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Press Release: The Decades Festival and Ball

The Decades Festival and Ball is set for June 27, 2015 starting at 12:01 AM SLT

We conceived The Decades Festival when it became clear that money needed to be raised to support Historical RP and education in SL through The Historical Communities and Royal Courts website, http://royalcourts.ning.com/.   We wanted to help with the expense of running this site that supports all of us in sharing live history in the metaverse.  What started out as a simple request for donations drew all of our attention to the need to support one another in all we do in Second Life and elsewhere on the net to promote historical education and RP.  A little discussion led to a lot of planning and, voila! a Festival was born. 

We chose the sunflower as the symbol for the DECADES Festival because their open faces that symbolize the sun speak to what historical communities and builds represent: warmth, happiness, admiration—and  with your help and support, longevity, as well. Look for sunflowers throughout the sim, and if you can please be generous in your donations to support historical and education builds.

June 27, The Decades Festival Site on Vahalla Island in SL will be host to nine HUGE history exhibits and 15 live and/or interactive events, which run the gamut from Renaissance music to coffee house RP.  There will be balloon rides and pony rides, even a zip line.  There is a historical ship to explore and a space museum that will knock your socks off.  You won't believe the attention to historical detail and accuracy in all of the exhibits, no matter what their subject, from hats to fine art to tarot to houses. 

The festival was dreamed up by Freda Frostbite and her cohort in many things virtual, SisterButta.  Lots and lots of people have contributed their time and talent to building this big event and they have done it in less than a month!  Please compliment all of them on the amazing work they have done creating The Decades Festival and Ball.  Questions and Concerns may be directed to Freda and Sister.  We do hope you'll spend at least part of June 27 with us at The Decades Festival and Ball.  Below are the events schedule and descriptions of the many exhibits. 

Please help to make the Decades Festival a huge success!

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