Friday, September 19, 2014

Prim Perfect Relauch Party

Congratulation to Prim Perfect, the magazine of prim addicts as they call themselves. September 18 was the relaunch of the magazine and it was celebrated with a party held in the Castle at the Home Expo 5, sponsored by Prim Perfect. This is an event in support of the Relay for Life. 

Elrik Merlin, Editor and Camera, supplied the music for the event. Saffia Widdershins, Publisher and Editor, greeted everyone as she danced. Many stopped over to congratulate the staff on the relaunch. There was also an announcement that the  magazine has migrated to its own website, There is an intro to the relaunch issue with the promise, “There’s a whole new look, and new features (as well as some old favorites).  You’ll get even more gorgeous eye candy from our photographers – and great articles from our writers!” After looking at Issue 52  I have to agree. The older issues can also  be found on the website.
Prim Perfect is only one of their many ventures which include Prim Perfect and The Primgraph Magazines, Designing Worlds. Happy Hunting! and The Blackened Mirror television shows (all on, and and The Quest for the Golden Prim web comic.  Subscribers to the blog will be migrated over to the new site so you will not miss any news.

Prim Perfect Publications and its staff is to be lauded for its involvement in events of Second Life in the past years, present and in the future. The SL Newser congratulates and wishes them well.  
Gemma Cleanslate

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