Monday, October 30, 2017

2018 RFL Theme Announced, Changes Coming in "Project Relay Refresh"

Over the weekend, the theme of next year's Relay for Life season was finally announced: United We Relay." But this was only part of the news concerning the Relay for Life. There were some big changes announced as part of "Project Relay Refresh."

There are certain moments in your life when you realize that you have to change something about yourself if you’re going to continue to be the best version of yourself. For RFL of SL, this is one of those moments. Our event has a rich history that combines tradition with a desire to adapt.  The key to that combination is to make sure that our adaptations are appropriate for what our community and our world needs us to be. It also means that as we change, we have to be willing to let go of other things that we may never have considered. And we have to make sure that all of our decisions are aligned with our core values.

While the reasons for "Project Relay Refresh" have not been given, it may have to do with as successful as the Relay for Life in Second Life has been, it's best days have been in the past. The total amount raised this year was $213,004 USD compared to $415,000 USD in 2014. The total number of avatars on the Relay Weekend track was 966 compared to 2364 in 2014. The track itself has been smaller, 29 sims compared to 44 sims in 2011.

On the website, some changes for next season have already been announced. The most notable change is the Relay season will be shorter, going from five months to three. Also, there will be some changes with campsites, every team will be eligible to have a campsite, with some campsite areas being shared.

Another change will be team fundraising levels. Longtime Relayers will recall that over the years they've been going up. For instance in 2017 it took 75,000 Linden dollars, or $300 USD, to reach Bronze rank, 187,500 Lindens or $750 USD to reach Silver, 312,000 Lindens/ $1250 USD for Gold, 562,500 L/ $2250 USD for Platinum, and so on to five million Lindens or $20,000 USD for Purple rank.  For 2018, the fundraiser levels will be rolled back so it takes just 12,500 Lindens or fifty US dollars to reach Bronze rank, 50,000 Lindens or $200 USD for Silver, and so on up to 1,250,000 Lindens or $5,000 US dollars to get to Purple level. The "Rising Star" level that had been created as the new starting rank as Bronze level requirements kept going up and up has been eliminated, at least for this year.

Back to the Relay Theme, there is currently a contest for an official Relay theme season logo

We are now accepting submissions for the theme logo. Send a 512x512 image file of your design to by Friday Nov 3.

Stay tuned for further news as more details come in.

Bixyl Shuftan

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