Monday, August 7, 2017

The Relay Wrap-Up

On Sunday August 6, the 2017 Relay Season "Passport to Hope" officially came to a close with the "Relay Wrap-Up" event. Almost 40 avatars were able to make it in the American Cancer Society sim, where the Relay Comittee congratulated all for a job well done.

 The total ammount raised this year was 55,381,019 Linden dollars, or $213,004 USD. There were 65 team campsites around the track, 37 large and 28 small. Of the 29 sims for the Relay track, Nuala Maracas stated, "for the first time in RFL of SL history, every single region / sim had a sponsor! The track was 6,758 meters long, 966 Avatars walked on the Relay track this year completing 3,664 laps for a total distance walked of 24,755,163 meters, which is about 24,755.16 kilometers or 15,382.15 miles. That's the distance from L A to London and Back. And we walked for 146,560 minutes!  That is like watching 1,200 movies!"

Several awards were also given out at the Wrap-Up. They included:

Break the Box: Relay Rockers

Spirit of Relay (Individual): Prettykitty Gumbo

Spirit of Relay (Team): Circle of Life

Community Champion: IshtarAngel Micheline and Da5id Abbot

Dr. Gordy Klatt Award: Kaiila Mahoney

The Relay accomplished much this year, but it's also have great acomplishments in the past. The biggest Relay Weekend sim area was the one for 2011 with 44 sims. The longest track was the one in 2012, which was 9,216 meters long. The Relay Weekend with the most visitors was the one in 2014 with 2364 avatars visiting, even though it had slightly fewer sims than the last three. The 2014 Relay season was also the one that raised the most money, $415,000 USD.

"Thank you everyone for a great wrapup! Go relay!!!"

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