Friday, August 18, 2017

Political Cartoon of North Korea Tension

Adolph Chaplin created this screenshot. "Fried and Flange," in response to the recent trouble with North Korea and it's dictator Kim Jong Un. In recent weeks, the rouge nation noted for keeping people in prison for the supposed crimes of their grandparents and pursuing nuclear weaponry even as it's own people go hungry was the subject of attention and worry as it began testing missiles that in theory could reach Alaska. When the White House stated that all options were being considered, The North Korean regime threatened to send a nuclear-armed missile to the American territory of Guam. In response, President Trump responded that such an action would be met with "Fire and Fury."

That North Korea's leader backed down, and felt compelled to release a Canadian pastor, perhaps he felt a little like he'd been whacked like a golf ball.

Caution: For those wanting to look further on Chaplin's Flickr, not all the pictures are safe for work.

Hat Tip: Hamlet Au

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