Thursday, August 3, 2017

"A Final Farewell to Half" The UWA Sims

It was almost a year ago in which it had been announced that four out of the five University of Western Australia sims would be retired and closed. But a month later, it was announced that the sims had been given a temporary reprieve from closing. Later it was announced that they would be up until the end of July. In a group chat last night, Jayjay Zifanwe announced that two of the sims, UWA Winthrop and UWA WASP, would be gone by Saturday, along with the builds on them.

Half the presence will be gone in 48 hours including some old iconic works starting with the Patch Thibaud Gallery that won the very first challenge at UWA and 4-SIM Theatre where many of the grand finale announcements were made. They will all disappear on Friday. Freewee's blog post below highlights some of these areas and provides links to them for anyone wanting to stop by to farewell them.

The UWA blog post about the two sims can be found at :

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