Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Castle Home and Garden Contest Wrap-Up, Winners, Next Year's Themes

Monday July 31 was the final day of the Relay for Life's Fourth Annual Castle Home and Garden contest. And among the last events was a congratulations to everyone involved given by Rowena, and the announcements of the contest winners and next year's themes.

Of the contest winners, there were two catagories, Castles and Home/Garden.

The winners for the best castles were:

Third Place: RacerX Gulliwing
Second Place: Marissa Anicillion
First Place: Melodie Jigsaw

For the home and garden part of the contest, the winners were:

Third Place: Sylis Fairywren
Second Place: Eclair Martinek
First Place: Mac Aries

The Castle Home and Garden Contest Flikr page can be found here:

A video of the closing ceremony is not yet available. But there is a recording: .

Instead of a single overall theme for next year, each sim will have it's own, or if they have two levels of builds, one for each level, "The sim themes for next year are: 1) Smurfs 2) Frozen 3) King's Landing 4) Transylvania 5) Naboo 6) Panem 7) Mines of Moria 8) Pandora 9) London 10) Toon Town."

"CONGRATULATIONS! See you  all next year for the 5th. ... Thank you everyone for being a part of this amazing, strange, wonderful, fantastic contest. Here’s to a successful 4th CHG, and a successful 5th!"

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