Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Furry Fashion Summer Hunt

NOW until 27th August!

30 Narwhals to find.

You will find them on ALL the FF parcels on sim (Main store, mall, lounge, sandbox, artist's alley, avatar den)

There are NONE in the air or in anyone else's parcels.

All Narwhals are set to 0L and will give contents in a folder.

FF Staff do NOT know where they are.

There are bonus Narwhals hidden by the other stores/merchants on sim too so keep a eye out for ad boards to know which are participating!

As usual no cheating, landmarking, using huds or giving away locations is allowed. Security will ban people who take advantage of the hunt and spoil it for the rest of the hunters for the duration of the hunt

Have fun and good luck!

Furry (164, 193, 27)

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