Monday, August 14, 2017

"Mermaid Funday" Off-Season Relay For Life Benefit Held by SL Cheerleaders, Safe Water Foundation

Mermaids and cheerleaders may seem like an odd mix, but that's what was going on for twelve hours at the bottom of the Union Passage sim. The occasion: the Relay for Life in Second Life's Second Life Cheerleading Squad held a joint event with the mermaids of the Safe Water Foundation for an off-season Relay fundraiser.

It is better down where it is wetter under the sea so the SLCS Cheerleaders decided to check this out. So we are giving the mermaid life a try with out friends from Safe Waters Foundation. We are play to play done here on the ocean floor where all the fish are happy and the seaweed is always greener. Attached below in the notecard are singers performing at this event along with the LM to the event. All funds raised at this event are going to RFL

The event took place at Fanci's Deep Community Center at Union Passage (228/214/1). There were numerous performers such as live singer Harmonia Trefoil, Brix Canning, Hojo Warf, Madmax Huet, Laidback Celt, Lyric Serendipity, Bat Masters, and others.

I was told that the total amount raised "at the time of the last show was around 100 USD collected," which would be close to 25,000 Linden dollars, or "25,000 lindens under the sea" as one mermaid put it. As the event took place after the official Relay for Life fundraising season, it would not be counted as part of the SL Cheerleading Squad's total this year.

Bixyl Shuftan

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