Friday, August 11, 2017

Wanted: Opinions of Sansar

Marusame Ari, known in Second Life as a member of the Sunweaver community, where the Newser office is located, in real life is very different from the black wah (red panda) girl avatar dressed in pink (s)he is known for. Recently Marusame did this forty-one minute walkthrough of Sansar, on August 8 (some profanity). The video shows Marusame going through a few places, and giving the next generation virtual world a negative review, "It's not even a beta. It feels like an asset flip made from a bunch of unity store assets thrown into a game and slapped with unnecessary VR functions. Honestly, IMVU probably has more to it. If you had to jump ship from Second Life, go to Opensim or something. Skip this."

So what are the opinions of you the readers of Sansar. Also, how often do you want to see reviews and news of developments of the place, such as it's first furry avatar? Or would you prefer that the Newser keep it's coverage of Sansar to a minimum? Please comment below.

Bixyl Shuftan


  1. I personally have zero interest in Sansar. My time and money have been invested in SL for the last 9 years. Why on earth would I change to this? Plus, I do not use VR. I have a family and life around me that I need to be aware of.

  2. Zero interest. LL's ineptitude after the first few years makes me bitter and turned off toward any future products. -- Xymbers