Friday, November 29, 2019

HEA, A Place to Unify The Arts And Artists In Second Life

It’s been months since LEA was closed, since then artists spreading to the whole grid. Some are building their own gallery, some are building public galleries, and some artists just wait for the new endowment for artists.

I have written about Tansee and Riannah who tried to keep the LEA alive, “I took some time before I realized that Linden Lab was not going to respond to us in any way,'' said Tansee. But she makes another move! She found someone who kindly helps with her ideas and they are establishing HEA : Hannington Endowment For The Arts.

“When we were trying to save LEA, I put out a distress call in group chat asking if anyone knew of a benefactor that might have land. I received only one reply from a very wonderful gentleman named Hannington Xeltentat, he offered his space. So I pursued getting to know Hann as I call him. I wanted to be sure it was someone truly interested in the Arts.

“It took a few months before we got together and discussed different possibilities. I wanted to pursue the LEA strengths but did not quite know-how. After some contemplation, I participated in a real-life Hive network, where one person has a building and other artists work there and sell art, I have always loved that concept. it was also the idea of a Second Life resident. So I started building using the hexagon that is the base of the building instinct of bees. Hann and I discussed the possibilities as I took baby steps,” said Tansee positively.

“It seemed that Art in Second Life became scattered and disconnected after LEA closed. But everyone found their communities, and some started their own ideas. I felt the need to connect all the places that involved The Arts in Second Life, so I started an Art Information HUB, it connects all the different levels of the arts: galleries, the artist builds, and places that are available for artists to build,” Tansee continue her explanation.

But when I ask about committee members, she replied: “There will never be committee members. That was a lesson to be learned from LEA. Time will tell if this is something that the true artists of Second Life are interested in. This is very manageable with only 6 grants and maintaining the Teleporter.”

So, how do you promote the artist's works here at HEA?

“I love to use the SL Art group. it is a good reputation and is well established for years in SL. I will be applying to the Second Life Destination Guide as well. As this unfolds, I hope to have our reputation speaks for itself as featuring the true arts in Second Life.”

The opening of Hannington Endowment For The Arts will be held on Sunday, Dec 1st, at 01:30 pm.

Marcel Mosswood

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