Friday, January 28, 2022

EOTB: Linden Lab To Email Survey About Second Life to Residents


For those who feel, "Linden Lab needs to listen more to it's residents," some of you will get a chance to have your say. A few days ago on the official Second Life blog, the Lab announced they would be emailing "thousands" of users, "an invitation to complete a survey and give feedback."

As 2022 begins, we are looking to set new goals and make Second Life Residents happier! 

Later today and in the following weeks, will be emailing thousands of Residents with an invitation to complete a survey and give feedback. Please keep an eye out for it, and feel free to share your thoughts on how to make Second Life a more pleasant experience for all. We’ve also been conducting qualitative research with a smaller group over the past few weeks. If you participated in that research, you are still eligible to take part in this survey.

There was also a mention of Flickr and how it's team was also doing "its own independent research on the Second Life community." Second Life has it's own official group on Flickr. And there was a mention of the upcoming Lab Gab episode with both Philip and Oberwolf Linden.

To read the blog post in full, Click here.

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