Thursday, March 21, 2024

Burn2 Burnal Equinox Event Starts Tonight

Tomorrow marks the start of Burn2's spring spinoff event, the Burnal Equinox. This month's theme is "Hope Spring's Eternal." While the poster says it starts tomorrow, March 22, the opening event is at 5PM tonight. The event goes on until Sunday evening.
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Burn2 2024: Burnal Equinox
Opening 5:00 pm SLT / Pacific, Friday, March 22nd, 2024
Ending Midnight PST/SLT, Sunday, March 24th, 2024
Landmark for Deep Hole in Second Life®,
Home of BURN2 Burning Man Virtual Regional
Happy Equinox!  
As the Winter comes to an end, Spring brings the hope of renewal and rebirth. Includes flowers blooming, and the dance of life.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast;
Man never Is, but always To be blest.
The soul, uneasy, and confin'd from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.
- Alexander Pope, An Essay on Man

We are coming out of one season, into another. We humans have always found hope in things that we may not quite see - the kiss of the sun's warmth, the movement of sap in the trees, difficulties and struggles giving way to resolution and peace. Flowers break through the surface of cold ground, reminding all that better days are coming.

Since time immemorial, we have seen the cycles of life, seasons, generations, learnings, unlearnings, relearnings, new learnings. Growth and regrowth. Find this renewal of hope within yourself, let it spark new life, then let's come together to share this, to lift each other up.

Burnal Equinox will open on Friday, March 22nd, with a soft opening walk-on by the Lamplighters 5pm SLT. All are welcome to join the walk around the playa for a first look at the wonderful variety and creativity of art surrounding the effigy which is, at the moment, a glowing enigma at the center. We have some surprises for you!

We are all excited and very much looking forward to another event at Burn2. We invite you to join us in celebrating this Equinox weekend! More information can be seen on our website. 

At this midpoint in the year between our big burns, lets celebrate who we are, and share peaceful practices handed down through the ages. Lets enjoy all the different interpretations of Equinox and come together to celebrate the Equinox Burn.

About Burning Man Project
The nonprofit Burning Man Project produces the annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, and works year-round to provide support, education, and grants to a global ecosystem of artists, makers and community leaders. In doing so, the organization functions as the cultural heart of the global Burning Man community, facilitating and extending the culture from the Burning Man event into the larger world.

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