Friday, March 1, 2024

Linden Lab Reported To Be Investigating Charges Made Against Employees In Article

 In at least a few circles of Second Life's residents, there's been some discussion of an article written by a "Robert Bartos" with some serious allegations against a number of Lindens and Moles. Yesterday in New World Notes, Hamlet Au stated that "two highly credible sources" told him that the matter is now being investigated, "both the accusations themselves and whether they have defamatory intent. That's all that can be reported at the moment."

Two readers sent the editor a link to the article. But the more it was read, the more reason there was for skepticism. There wasn't much of any proof to the allegations. The author himself was unknown. 


  1. th many pics not proof? Esp those in the skybox classroom?

    1. No they are not proof? Proof of what? Proof that they are adult Hentai cartoons? You do realize that Adult Hentai have the resemblance of under age right? That is the style of the art! Even lets say if this is proof of something, its proof that it is an adult sim and these sorts of things can be posted. There are no underage avis seen in that classroom.

  2. This behavior has been going on for a while (centuries), and decades in SL. Time to crack the whip and wipe clean from virtual worlds these enablers, creators, and sims--it will all progress to RL, as these demented individuals will not stop and will progress to RL. Second Life and Linden Labs can set an example as to how it's done through zero tolerance for sickening ageplay.

  3. Well, there is an old saying - paper will sit still for anything.

    Anyone can make any claim they want about anything. And in SL, its also easy to create evidence of anything - you take a picture then add awful textures to replace the innocent ones on their wall. Sorry, but in this postPhotoshop world, having a picture is not sufficient to hang someone. Anyone can take any picture in SL and edit it to look like anything else. If you feel a crime is being committed, take it to the police, not LL.

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  5. You all are dumb as hell. You all believe this is proof of RL stuff? Its not reality people. You all are doing a witch hunt over something that is at best a TOS violation. I'm hearing people are sending this to the FBI. They are laughing their butts off at you dumb asses right now.

  6. Last time I checked fiction =/= reality. All this proves to me is that there's been a lot of people's privacy invaded. Speaking as someone who was SA'd irl I'd rather people spend time going after those who have provably harmed REAL minors rather than chasing after ageplayers. As long as it's consenting adults it's nobody's business.