Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Fantasy Faire Ends

 Unless there's been the rarity of the sims lasting into the early morning, then sometime last night, the Fairelands became closed to the public. Tuesday May 7 would have no major events, official or unofficial. The people were looking around the scenery one last time, finishing the Fairelands Quest, doing some last minute shopping, or just chatting with other Fairelands fans about the Faire, and maybe previous ones. 

It's been quite a fun time, exploring the detailed sims, running into numerous fantasy avatars.

 And doing the Fairelands Quest, of which this year was baking a magic cake for the Bard Queen.

And got it done, and heard the conclusion of the story. 

It's sad that the sims are gone. But the Faire will be back next year. And for the Relay, the events go on. This Friday is the Relaystock. The Sunweavers have their Ren-Faire later this month. And next month is the Relay Weekend and it's track. 

Goodbye Fairelands, see you next year,

Bixyl Shuftan

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