Monday, May 13, 2024

RFL Sunbeamers "Bid Me Pink" And "Bid Me Tricolor Fox" Results

 On Saturday May 18, Rita Mariner, the captain of the Relay for Life's team Sunbeamers announced the results of two "Bid Me" fundraisers. They were "Bid Me Pink" for Brian (BrianL61 Landar) and "Bid Me Pink, Blue, and White/Tricolor Fox", for Snowbuns (Skylark Lefavre).
Results of Snowy's Bid Me: 
Changing Snowy to Tri-Color Fox

Keep Snowy, as is : 50L

Change to 3 coolor Fox:  12,400L

Snowy goes 3 color for 4 weeks, May 10 to June 7th

Results of Brian's Bid Me
Bid Me Brian PNK and with tutu.
Keep Brian as is:  50L

Turn Brian PINK, with top hat and tutu: 16,550L

Brian goes Pink, etc, for 1 month, until June 7th 

Both showed their new looks, for the time being, at the Relaystock on Saturday. Brian made a few jokes about his appearance, "Look at what they did to me." 

Currently, the Sunbeamers are Emerald ranked in fundraising among the teams, with a total of 1,084,000 Linden dollars collected this year so far. And there will be one more event planned later this month, then the Relay Weekend.

Go Sunbeamers! Go Relay!

Bixyl Shuftan

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