Sunday, January 30, 2011

2011 NeoVictoria Machinima Movie Contest Announced

27 January 2011 :: NeoVictoria SIM :: From the 27th of January to the 27th of March 2011, HOUSE OF ASILS, a virtual production company, is organizing a machinima competition to celebrate the NeoVictoria estate in Second Life®. The competition is opened to anyone aged 18 years or more.

The three machinimas to win the contest will receive award money in Linden dollars™. Contest purse begins at $50,000 Linden™ dollars. There is a $1,500 Linden dollars™ entry fee. All entry fees will be added to the Contest purse, so the more people enter, the bigger the prizes. Only one entry per Second Life® avatar will be accepted.

The full terms and conditions for the 2011 NeoVictoria Machinima Movie Contest are published at this webpage:

For additional information on the 2011 NeoVictoria Machinima Movie Contest, contact Asil Ares, read the website at or visit the contest location in-world at

Second Life® and Linden™ dollars are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. HOUSE OF ASILS and the 2011 NeoVictoria Machinima Movie Contest are not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

ABOUT HOUSE OF ASILS - A virtual production company creating machinima from dark roleplay, our current focus is NeoVictoria, the steampunk-styled simulation created specifically to support these two forms. House of Asils - Cinematic dreams from virtual worlds.

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