Monday, October 10, 2011

Syzygy International Car Show

The Syzygy International Car show is going on now at Syzygy Eos (128, 158, 1501). Syzygy resident B. W. Jinxing is curator of the show, which features over 25 vehicles. The show is fun and interactive. You can open the doors, kick the tires (gently), and sit in many of the cars. You will also find food and a space for you to rez a vehicle and play bumper cars.

The car show is set in a modern, two-story showroom. There are a wide variety of sports cars, police cars, a fire truck, semi’s, and fantasy cars. There are even some motorcycles and cars for tinies.

Many of the vehicles are sleek sports cars with realistic handling qualities. You can view models made by Prefabrica, Lusch, EMH, and GEMC. Some of my favorites are the ones produced by Haru Motors. Their cars on display include a La Re Blue, a Fi 50 Pink, and a Po 18 Sp Red

Jinxing owns many of the vehicles, but others have been loaned to the exhibit by his friends Samantha Glume, Erin Fensen, Motoko Henusaki, and Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks. Ms. Fiddlesticks, who owns Cake!, loaned her fantasy cupcake motorcycle and pink cupcake jeep. Residents with a sweet tooth will love these vehicles. Nearby is a 60's flower-power van with fun pose balls.

The work horses of SL are displayed here, too. There is an Astaro DC 6000 semi and an Astaro Westline logging truck. Police cars, a fire truck, and even a 7 passenger city bus, the STML-107 by GEMC, are shown. The lights blink and the wipers wipe on this big guy.

After you’ve checked out the show, go outside for some delicious Japanese food at the Yatai food vendor, which Motoko Henusaki loaned to the show. The Sake and noodles are great!

The International Car Show is the latest in the series of temporary community builds that the residents of Syzygy have been creating this year. It will remain open for a few more weeks.

Syzygy Eos (128, 158, 1501)

Grey Lupindo

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  1. This is going to be an awesome event. The interactive features will definitely be a new flavor for car enthusiasts to enjoy. I'd love to see updates about this. Would you mind posting some photos of the after-party?