Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stoker Serpentine Releases SexGen Bed as Freebie

Stroker Serpentine, has reportedly released his noted SexGen bed to be freely available to Second Life residents. According to the Herald, Second LIfe’s self-professed tabloid, On Wednesday Sept 28th, “he made the flagship of his SexGen business available with copy/transfer/modify permissions. The bed that turned a former real life plumber into a millionaire is now available to anyone - and free.”

Stroker Serpentine, known as Kevin Alderman in real life, created his bed under the brand “Strokers Toyz,” eventually founding the company Eros LLC. He also bought a sim which he named Amsterdam, and later sold it on eBay for $50,000. He ended up making real-life news when in July 4rth 2007, his company filed suit against Volkov Catteneo (Robert Leatherwood) for selling beds that he charged were copies of his own. Voltov never responded, and Stroker won by default. Later that year, he led a six-person lawsuit against Raze Keno (Thomas Simon). The case went to court, and the judge ruled in favor of the plaintiffs.

Sources: Alphaville Herald, Gigaom, Wired, secondlife.wikia,

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