Saturday, October 8, 2011

Netera's New Coffee Lounge

Recently Netera Landar had her coffee lounge expanded. Last week on October 1st, I dropped in to see the new place.

Welcome to Netera's Coffee Lounge. Hope you enjoy our informative chat in our new jazzy set. In this venue you'll participate in interviews with real life writers, singers and artists. Below is our current guest schedule. If you are one of the above and would like to be booked, IM Netera Landar in-world.

Her guest that day at 10 AM was Wulfslaird Widdershins, whom was a retired dive team specialist in real life. He had a number of interesting stories about his experiences in the Navy. Among those in the audience was Geo Meek, whom was probably recording.

At 11 AM, musician Ande Foggarty had his turn to be interviewed. Halfway into the hour, the lounge's new dance floor got it's test run, with Ande providing the music.

Besides for more interviews with artists, Netera has something new coming up.

Currently seeking guests chefs and bakers for my new segment, "What's Cooking." IM Netera Landar if you can present a few recipes in an interesting way.

The Coffee Lounge is still in Terric, but the entrance, once at (43, 137, 28) has been adjusted a little.

Bixyl Shuftan

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