Sunday, November 25, 2018

The First "Winter Swaginator Hunt" Gifts

Since I wrote about the "Winter Swaginator Hunt" last week, a number of people have messaged or emailed me, asking where the location of the first of the gifts is. As this is the last full day the gift will be around, we can go ahead and show it. It's in Winter Wonderland 5 (104/140/24).

 But you can't just up and TP there. The closest you can get just by TPing is Portal Park 1 (128/128/23). Where you'll want to go from there is the Winter Wonderland doorway, which is in the opposite side of the room. Once you walk through, look around for a blue sign. That has the Swaginator, which you'll need to claim the gift. Once you have that, walk a little further, make a left, and walk straight to the Snowball Arena area. Go up and down the stairs to the arena, past the gun pickup area, and walk around until you see a bridge over a frozen river

The bridge is where the gift is, a grayish-blue box with a light gray top. Just touch it, and you should receive your gift, as long as you're wearing the Swaginator (someone told me she didn't get it even though she says she had the HUD on, so there might be a bug).

Unpacking your gift, you get three items: a welcome mat, a basket of logs, and a lantern with a flame.

Stay tuned for the announcement in "Featured News" on the Linden Blog for the next gift in the Winter Gift Grab.

Bixyl Shuftan

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