Sunday, February 26, 2023

Cartoon of the Day: "Help, I've Fallen ..."

 Taken at Club Squeaks. Someone was doing the "Wheeeeeeeeeee!" gesture, sliding on the floor. I caught him on camera, and my imagination came up with the caption.

By Bixyl Shuftan



  1. Not funny, you idiot. Unsolicited groping is assault in any context, as bad as upskirting or misogynist comments. Making a joke out of assault only helps to legitimize it.

  2. Anon: You make a great assumption that the ladies don't want said attention. First, this is virtual and a woman can a) click ignore, b) not be harmed physically regardless, c) tp away, or d) fuss aloud and watch others correct his behavior. And second, don't assume you know what ever person around you does and does not like or desire -- if it's not your thing then fine. But as for what other adults like or do, you can butt out.

    1. Thank You Shocky, well said. it's easy to gripe like that when you remain anonymous

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    And you can't include pictures in the Replies.