Tuesday, February 14, 2023

EOTB: "Love Made in Second Life - Thundr"

 Linden Lab, with the help of Draxtor Despress, has been doing a few doing a few "Love Made in Second Life" posts for Valentine's Day season. A few days ago, they had something about the Thundr virtual dating app.

Thundr is a community project created by two friends who have been a part of Second Life since 2007 and wanted to offer a fun, safe, and easy-going dating experience for its Residents.

Since its public launch on February 10th, 2022, Thundr has quickly become a popular choice for virtual daters with almost 7000 activated users and 63000 matches. 

The app is built from scratch, offering unique features such as the ability to chat with gifs and emojis. User privacy and security are top priorities, with filters such as gender and age to help find the right match. In addition to its dating features, Thundr users can also use the app to advertise their businesses and activities with modern video ads. ...

Read the post in it's entirety in the Linden blog.

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