Monday, February 6, 2023

Over 130,000 L Raised At Veterans Isle


 On Wednesday February 1, Veterans Isle had it's monthly benefit concert for Homes For Our Troops. Organized in part by Frets Nirvana, from 4 to 9PM SL time, one DJ and some live musicians performed for the crowd. 

We are kicking off the second of our benefits for Homes For Our Troops for in 2023 tonight . And we have a great night of music!

Come on out and help us support our extremely injured veterans through Homes for Our Troops.  Remember the freedom we all have as a result of these sacrifices and support Homes For Our Troops.

DJ Jack Friller started things off at 4PM. At 5PM, it was BG Singer (BGSinger Hermit) on stage.  Acoustic Energy (AcousticEnergy Nitely) had his turn to perform at 6PM, and continued at 7PM when the scheduled singer's Internet connection was down. The musician for 8PM couldn't make it either, so Luna "Endless Love" Phoenix (Lunaphoenix Starchild) filled in to close out the concert.

It is believed the two musicians not being able to log in was related to the numerous glitches Second Life was having that day. "(Linden Lab) are saying logins are open for all again, but I have been texted by four people telling me they are getting the something is wrong thing."

As the evening went on, people were challenged to contributed more, saying certain amounts would be matched, "someone put in 1500 and I will put in another 1500 ...matching it!!!" The donations would go into two house-shaped kiosks on either side of the stage.
Frets Nirvana would also remind people about the charity, "HFOT is a 4 star charity according to Charity Navigator and are considered a top rated Veteran and Military Charity. HFOT Has now built 352 specially adapted homes nationwide for extremely injured veterans."
"Nearly 90 cents of every dollar donated to HFOT goes directly towards the building program!  This is incredible.  The industry standard says if you can find a charity 65 cents or above that is good. HFOT's Mission: is to build and donate specially adapted custom homes for severely injured Veterans post-9/11 enabling them to rebuild their lives. HFOT builds homes in any state in the country where the Veterans choose to rebuild their lives.  They have currently built in 46 states.  Veterans will typically choose to settle near family and friends, close to medical services and warmer climates.  Prosthetics can easily freeze and the cold weather itself can reap havoc on them."

"Every Veteran who does receive a home from HFOT has a Support Specialist assigned to them to keep in touch for many years to make sure they are doing well and have access to any supplemental services they may need.

The vent would raise a total of 131,850 Linden dollars that night, over $500 USD. Luna would wish everyone well once she was finished singing, saying in Voice, ""I wish you love and pixie dust."

"Thank you all for coming and Thank you to  HFOT and Frets Nirvana  and crew for having us!"

Bixyl Shuftan

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