Saturday, October 29, 2022

Minnirainbow of Raglan Shire Has Died

The following was posted by Pieni Resident in the Raglan Shire group:

I am deeply sorry to give you such terrible news. Our friend Minie, in real life: Jackie, has passed. She died in her sleep, holding the hand of a friend. She had been having serious health issues all her life, and lately they had been increasing in difficulty. She got a massive infection from a wound they operated on, but could not fix in time. She was a friend and family to so many of us.

If any of you wish to send something in real life, let me know, and I will give the address. She lived in a nursing home and did not have immediate family, though. So it will go to her friends and caretaker staff. I will send a separate note inworld and on Facebook, when I know what to do about her Second Life memorial. She had been preparing me for sad news for a while now, so I will do my very best to respect her wishes in all possible ways.

She was my best friend and my family in real life had accepted her as our own. I will be grieving for quite a while, and I hope I can be there for you all in your grief, but please understand, that I may not be at my best right now. Jackie kept telling me I wasn't allowed to howl in holes after her. I will respect her wishes to be silly and cussy and hilariously weird. But also I insist her ghost not tickle me for crying like a tornado for a long time.

Her full Second Life name was Pikku GlitterFarts MorgenMuffel (Minnirainbow), and Jackie Hill in real-life. Those wishing to make a show of financial support, it's been suggested they donate to Spina Bifida month, which she had:

There will be a memorial party for her on Sunday November 6 at Morning Shire at 12 Noon

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