Friday, October 14, 2022

EOTB: Trick or Treat At Bellisseria Starts Again October 18

Yesterday in the Linden blog, the Lab announced that the "Great Trick or Treat Event" in Bellisseria, introduced last year, will be back. 

Creep or crawl over to Bellisseria this Halloween season to snag some candy and win prizes! This is an interactive event open to *everyone* where Residents living in Bellisseria can host Candy Buckets on their parcels. You don’t want to miss the paranormal partygoers and creative costumes throughout Bellisseria during this virtual Trick-or-Treat. Plus, there are prizes to be won for all who participate!

Before you go online and teleport to the Linden Home continent and expect to be able to start getting candy, it was stated the event wont start until next week, Tuesday October 18. Patch Linden would remind of some details in the forums. One of the prize bears is available to practically all who take out. The rarest one will be awarded to only the top ten candy-grabbers. 

The Lab would also remind people of the Haunted Neighborhood in Bellisseria, as well as announce a gift for Premium residents - a spooky haunted house. They would also mention the Halloween Haunted tour, as well as the "Shop and Hop", and Halloween-themed last names.
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Bixyl Shuftan

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