Monday, October 31, 2022

Clumsy Cooper's Halloween Tale

We interrupt our news reporting with a Halloween story. Clumsy Cooper is back. Somehow, he ended up in Montecity Bay after his trip to the Deathlands. Life is better, with food every day and a soft bed every night. But he still wishes for more, such as cute girls. With rumors floating around, someone asks him for a favor, right on Halloween night. Will our ex-burglar get himself a decent amount of cash? Will he finally find love? The only thing one can be sure of on Halloween is to expect the unexpected.

Read our Halloween SL fiction in Extra.


  1. "But he still wishes for more, such as cute girls." ---nice objectification! Cute girls are things!! Like food and soft beds!!! Things!!!! Yayyyyyyyy

  2. Heh, there are reasons he's still single.

  3. He escaped Deathlands??? And he was to be the main guest at the BBQ..............