Thursday, October 6, 2022

"Shop And Hop" for Halloween Opens Today


The Halloween season means a lot of people get spooky outfits and decorations. And that also means shopping for such outfits and decorations. And so Linden Lab has organized another Halloween-themed "Shop and Hop" event. It is scheduled to open at 6AM today, and features over a dozen sims full of stores. While not every single one will feature spooktacular items, it's certain many will. According to Linden Lab, each item is discounted at least twenty percent, plus, "a new and exclusive gift available for free or a gift certificate valued at L$300 or above!"

For a list of the sims, Click Here for the page in the Destinations guide. For pictures, check out the Flickr here. For a list of the various stores, Click Here for a list.

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