Wednesday, February 9, 2022

DJ Fritter has Died


Some sad news for fans of KVXN Radio. It was announced yesterday that one of it's DJs, DJ Fritter had passed away. JB Raccoon, the co-owner of the station, gave details on the station's Discord channel yesterday afternoon. She was also known as DJ Applebloom and Hakura the Pup.

For those that may not know, it had been relayed to us that we recently lost DJ Fritter AKA Hakura the Pup. Details are still limited outside her having that nasty car accident last year that kept her off air here so she would be able to heal. Sadly, her health kept her from being able to return to the things she loved. I received word that the accident, while not having taken her life at the time, ultimately was the cause of her passing by taking away the very things she enjoyed most. She was not ever going to be able to walk again, which meant no more entertaining folks of all ages in that giant oven of a fursuit, or sharing her love of music like she had before.

 Her death is believed to have been last week, from injuries suffered in a car accident last year.

In August 2020, DJ Fritter was interviewed by the Newser. She had been DJing in Second Life for some years, at places such as "Hoof Beatz" and "Dragons and Roses" before coming across JB's show, then doing so under KVXN.

Addition: The car accident was on April 15, 2021. Her real-life name was Dawn Holland.

Bixyl Shuftan

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