Tuesday, February 22, 2022

RFL Announcement: Weekly Sunbeamer Moon Dance Each Thurs To June 9


A benefit for the American Cancer Society! The dance starts at 6PM SLT goes to 8PM SLT every Thursday starting Feb 24th and runs through June 9th. You arrive at Sunbeamer Headquarters Landing strip  and grab a seat in the Columbiad Moon Cannon to be shot to the moon. There once you land on the lunar surface you may plant a kiosk in your team's name or ask that one be planted and then dance a celebration of your moon landing with other teams. Tunes provided by an old goat of a DJ who is not taking tips! Wants you to tip the kiosk instead.  Come rep your team.


*(Bring Your Own Kiosk) but don't worry we'll put it out for you

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