Thursday, February 10, 2022

Jimmy Branagh of Steamlands Declared Missing

Seldom does the Newser report on unconfirmed stories. But in this case, there's enough evidence to say there's a solid chance a noted personality in the Steamlands is gone. 

Jimmy Branagh, while in a number of groups such as the Goonies and one Trek roleplay was usually seen around the Steamlands in his child avatar. In Steelhead, he managed to become the new sheriff. Sadly, his adventures are likely at an end. Fuzzball Ortega posted details in the Steelhead groups on Facebook and Discord.

Recently found out that the person behind Jimmy Branagh's avatar had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma last year. I sent out a group notice with a notecard from Tenk regarding it. He recently found an obituary from last month that fit with certain things Tenk was aware of. Jimmy's last log in was December 23rd. Jimmy was VERY careful in keeping his First Life and Second Life separate. It has yet to be confirmed, so New Babbage, and Steelhead, considers him "Lost At Sea".

Again, I must stress, it hasn't been confirmed. I'm going to be one of many that's hoping to see Jimmy log in, with a "Hoy, Boss" and rolling a bottle of his home brewed alcohol. For now, "Lost at sea". Edward Pearse is planning something for this weekend, I believe. Tenk has an area set up in New Babbage for people to place Messages in bottles, paper boats, and such. Tenk wants to stay away from the usual New Babbage ceremony when someone passes away. I think the candles I placed in Steelhead are enough for now. His lot will stay as is.

As Fuzzball stated, it can't be truly confirmed that Jimmy has passed on. But Tenk had little hope that he was still alive. It certainly looks like Steelhead and New Babbage have lost a good friend. 

Image credit: Fuzzball Ortega
Bixyl Shuftan

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