Sunday, February 6, 2022

RFL Announcement: SLCS / Pirates Destiny Funday for Relay for Life, Today


ARRR Matey's you better come on down to the SLCS Pirate funday or else it is Davey Jones locker for you.  The Girls at SLCS this month have teamed up with Pirates dynasty to hold a swashbuckling party to help Relay for life defeat cancer.  So come on down and help us sink the Jolly Roger Cancer once and for all.

9-10 Nivor
10-11 Harmonia Trefoil
11-12 Redhawk
12-1 Rock Doghouse
1-2 Holly Giles
2-3 Star Twilighton (star.thiemem)
3-4 Jenna Oiseau
4-5 Laidback Celt
5-6 Saramarie Philly
6-7 Phemie Garfeild
7-8  Ronnie Artano
8-9 Kris Electricteeth and the Bloody Pirates

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