Monday, February 14, 2022

Two Events Today: "Hug/Dunk A Linden" And "One Billion Rising"


Today is Valentines Day. And that means the "Hug a Linden/Dunk a Linden" event at the Isle of View. To get there, head to Portal Park (102/157/54), and head to the Isle of View Portal.

The event lasts from 1 to 3PM SL time. There, one can hug various Lindens and Moles in hugging booths, or take a shot at one of the volunteers in the dunking booths. Before and after the event, one could pick up flowers or a teddy bear for a sweetheart. 

For scenes from the 2019 event, Click Here

Also going on is the "One Billion Rising" event, part of a global demonstration in support of women's rights across the world. Throughout the day at the four sim area, there are music and dance parties and other events across the grounds. And there are numerous displays of art along the paths. Gemma Cleanslate did a behind the scenes article yesterday, which can be read here.

Aldo yesterday evening, there was a special edition of Lab Gab about the event (click here if the video does not show).

To get to the event, head to OBR Rise (180/167/24).

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