Friday, February 11, 2022

"The First Nickel" - First Textured Object Twenty Years Old


Late last month was the 20th anniversary of the rezzing of Second Life's oldest prim. But as we all know, building doesn't stop with prims as they need to be shaped and textured. And it was twenty years ago today, February 11 2002, that the first known finished object, known as "The First Nickel," came to be.

There are two copies of the nickle known to the Newser, both owned by Marianne McCann, who got it from James Linden. One is at the grounds of the Ivory Tower of Prims in Natoma at (233/159/26). The other is at the Bay City Community Center in Daley Bay at (225/51/25). 

"Avi was kind enough to allow me to share it there, which I deeply appreciate," Marianne told the Newser, "The Bay City location was one I always have considered 'temporary,' but then it's been temporary for a couple years now. (smile).

"I had approached Avi (Arrow) about displaying it in Natoma a couple years back, figuring it may be a good, neutral and public location for such an artifact, given some of the other items in the region (the Man, the Ivory Tower), but we could not agree to a location. She had suggesting putting it on Philip's Hill right next to the Man, but I didn't want to diminish the importance of the Man! She eventually offered the spot under the Arch d Linden Grande, with a number of other displays, and that seemed both visible, but not overwhelming the importance of other objects."
Happy anniversary

Bixyl Shuftan

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