Wednesday, December 28, 2022

The Dirty Grind's Final Night


On Wednesday December 21, The Dirty Grind would hold it's final events. About a week earlier, it was announced that the venue would soon be shutting down after over 11 years of operation
Safe Wednesday everyone ♫ With a heavy heart,  The Dirty Grind IAC today hosts its last show; we want to thank anyone who joined us in our journey and we hope we passed onto you some of our passion for the arts in Second Life. Come on over for one last dance, and please keep supporting these hard-working musicians ❤

In the afternoon were three performers: Lluis Indigo, Dee Timeless, and Corwyn Alle. At 6PM, a musical duo familiar to the Newser would play for the crowd, Jaycatt Nico and Frogg Marlowe, also known as Effnjay. The audience would make occasional comments, "Frogg's voice is just perfect for this song." Eventually, their set would finish, Jaycatt concluding, "Thanks everyone (smile).  And a special thanks to Ian and Lisa of course, don't you two be strangers!!" Hostess A fiya Grimbaker (asimascott Resident) would say, "Thank you so much EFFINJAY! I LOVED IT!" "Thank you Afiya!" Frogg would respond.

The last singer that night, and the last one for an official Grind event, was Nigel Freeman (Nigelfreeman Resident). Like Effinjay, he had a variety of songs. But the last one was appropriate, "Closing Time."

Closing time, time for you to go out
To the places you will be from
Closing time, this room won't be open
Till your brothers or your sisters come.

So gather up your jackets, move it to the exits
I hope you have found a friend
Closing time, every new beginning
Comes from some other beginning's end, yeah.

I know who I want to take me home
I know who I want to take me home
I know who I want to take me home
Take me home.

As the song ended, the audience broke out in cheers. But with the applause was sadness, "Going to miss the Dirty Grind." "One of the best sims/venues on the grid." "So many great times many great dances, friends, laughter." "Take the feeling the Grind gave you...use it as inspiration. Make something. Sing something. Play something. Let you imagination run wild." "Send it up for a wonderful venue where lots of memories have been made." "Thank you so much Ian and Lisa!" "Good bye everyone. Love to Ian and Lisa (who I never met) I hope to see you all at other venues around the grid." "Good night everyone. Thank you for all those years Dirty Grind." Elektra Panthar, the Grind's blogger, would say, "Thank you everyone , it's been so wonderful. ... Thank you Thank you Thank you everyone, and Ian Lisa and Afiya"

Then hostess A Fiya spoke up, "I have something to say...: In December 2019 El & brought me in to host here at TDG. I had a lot to learn not having done professional hosting before, El made that easy for me.  Even though this job proved to be THE busiest job I've ever had at times, I fell in love with it and TDG all together.  I have met the nicest people ever here.

"A BIG THANK YOU! to Lisa & Ian & Elektra for all your support and love through the years.  I also thank each & every one who has come here. YOU are as NECESSARY as the GREAT performers that came here.  The Dirty Grind Independent Artist Community will always have a special place in my heart. And only right's just HITTING me. I hush now.

The last word, however, would be Elektra's, on the Grind's blog.

This will be my last post on this blog. It’s been a great experience and a pleasure to work with so many talented people.

Thank you, Ian  and Lisa , for this opportunity and for the many years you spent advocating for the arts in SL and creating this wonderful community.

If you have memories you want to share in form of pictures or posts, please feel free to send them to me ( ), post them to our Flickr group page or Facebook group – they are most welcome ❤

Stay safe everyone, and take care.

And so, after over a decade of live performances, The Dirty Grind has closed it's doors, becoming a part of Second Life music history. 

Bixyl Shuftan

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