Monday, December 12, 2022

Winter Arrives in the Sunweaver Estates, Caledon

 Winter has been coming to parts of Second Life, and it's finally arrived in the neighborhood the Newser office makes it's home in. Or rather part of it. Sunlight Bay, the sim to the east of HV Community where the office is, has gotten a dusting of snow. So pilots at Farshore Field and shoppers at the Puddle Jumper may have to contend with slippery ground.

Not all of the Sunweaver lands have snow. More than one person has stated they'd rather not deal with any of the white stuff, getting plenty of it in reality. So some of the Sunny sims are still green.

Snow has already fallen at the Steampunk community of Caledon. At Caledon Downs, Cynthia Farshore has her Christmas Express ride up and running. In the past there's been plenty of other attractions at Xmas such as ski slopes in the area. This will likely be the case this season.
To check out the Christmas Express, Click Here:

Bixyl Shuftan

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