Wednesday, December 7, 2022

"Santa Patch" at The RFL Expo

Yesterday at the Relay for Life's Christmas Expo, there was an event that featured a lot of Lindens and Moles. At a 'have your picture taken with Santa" event, Patch Linden was taking the role of Santa, and other Lindens and Moles were taking the roles of elves, and one reindeer. 

Santa Patch is back for photos again this year!

12:30 - 3pm slt today
Supporting the American Cancer Society's Fight Against Childhood Cancer. A donation to the Kiosk is appreciated when you snap your photo.

For over two and a half hours, the VP of Product had a number of avatars, adult and child sitting on his lap. I can't recall any specific Christmas wishes made, though no doubt there were probably a few requests for Linden Bears. One could get a special edition Christmas Patch Linden bear for a donation to the Relay. One little girl did request if someone could take a picture and send it to her as her computer kept crashing when she took pictures. 

To check out other goings-on at the Christmas Expo: Click Here to check out the blog.

Bixyl Shuftan

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