Monday, September 4, 2023

A Busy Weekend: Linden Motown Trivia, Firestorm Anniversary Party

 This past weekend was a busy one in Second Life. Saturday Sept 2 was the Motown Trivia Party, at 12 Noon SL time. Madori Linden would ask various trivia questions.

Madori Linden: 4. What is the address of the original Motown recording studio?
a. 2648 West Grand Boulevard
b. 7365 Woodrow Wilson St.
c. 7373 Churchill St.
d. 6245 Avery St.
The place was a bit crowded, and laggy, but people braved the slow rezzing to answer trivia, or just for the music and dance, or to be at a Linden event. Some would get Madori Linden bears.  The event was scheduled to last until 2PM SL time.

 Sunday Sept 3 would have another big event. It was the day of Team Firestorm's Thirteenth Anniversary Party, taking place on a stage at the intersection of four sims. It started at 10 AM with Maxamillian Kleene singing some tunes. At 11 AM, it was Bell Tabak's (PrettyBelle72) turn on stage. In the four sims, the number of people attending was over a hundred. 

Jessica Lyon, the head of Team Firestorm, had always made it to previous anniversary parties. But unfortunately it would not be the case this time as a close family member was in the hospital someone quoting her, "cousin and I are sharing 12 hour shifts, ... and no Internet." During the event, someone shouted, "Jess asked me to several times during the party send her Thanks and Love to our Firestorm User Community. You guys are the best!!! Without you we wouldn't be celebrating today!!!"
 While the event is over, people can continue to drop by and grab a couple free gifts. Head to Fiewstorm Dow Forest at (219/229/3901). "Happy Anniversary Firestorm!"

There were other events going on, such as the Spoonful of Sugar charity event which started over the weekend. There will be more on that later. For those interested in checking it out now, head to SOS Uber Island (173/92/25).

 Bixyl Shuftan

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