Monday, September 4, 2023

Reader Submitted: Is There Really That Much Hate On Furries?

Recently, the Newser published a commentary about the question of how much discrimination there was against those who prefer furry avatars. We would get a few responses. Among them was a reader-submitted article by Zada Bury, best known for her Drivers in SL videos. She would have a few things to say about the issue.
Read Zada's reader submission in People

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  1. I became a furry right away in SL in 2009. I only had one bad incident at the start. A human male avatar started to sexually assault me in Moose Bay. But other wonderful human avatars rescued me. Now in the present times, I can say I have no animosity towards anyone in SL. Everyone, in the sims I visit, treats me respectfully with kindness. And I return the same mutual manners to all too. In some human sims, I get ignored. But the days of being ridiculed have long gone away. I make sure that the club I work for welcomes all and everyone is valued and respected equally. I want to thank Linden Labs for their continuing TOS that protects our rights and assures we are all treated equally.