Thursday, September 14, 2023

Caledon's Governor Desmond Shang To Retire

September 12th 2023 became a red letter day in Caledon history. Desmond Shang, Governor of the Independent State of Caledon since 2006, has announced that he will be stepping down. The position, fondly called by its citizens “Guvnah” will be assumed by NeoBokrug Elytis. It is understood that Caledon is not sold just placed into the hands of a new Governor. Desmond has known NeoBokrug for nearly 20 years and NeoBokrug is owner of The Wastelands which itself is 16 years old, thus clearly Caledon’s new Governor is well chosen. 
This does not mean that Desmond is leaving; it is only a retirement. He will still be a citizen of Caledon and will be present it is just that real life is even more demanding and can’t allow him to give Caledon the attention it needs. A Town Hall meeting is scheduled for September 16 at 2pm SLT at the Governor’s Mansion for the formal change of office and public introduction. Later within the week NeoBokrug will be sending out inaugural invitations so more information will be coming. 

Cynthia Farshore
Duchess of Caledon Downs

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