Friday, September 15, 2023

Writers' Meeting At Caledon

 Yesterday, I dropped in at the Writers' Meeting in the Caledon Night Readings Room. This is a place for people to talk about what they've been writing, listen in on others talking about what they've been writing, get a little help and inspiration on writing, and more.
Meeting for writers to talk about writing. Sit near the virtual fireplace and discuss about what one is writing, planning to write and maybe tell about their writing process. ... And somewhat random writings prompts are provided later, in case they might give inspiration. Use them whatever way you wish.  There is no demand to write anything based on the prompt for the next meeting. Come talk about writing or bring your questions about writing, editing, and publishing in a friendly atmosphere.
I dropped in a bit late on this particular meeting, which had one dracanic-looking avatar among the human ones. An earlier meeting I was at had a mix of humans, furries and tinies. One was talking about elves in his story universe, saying they had originally left the land the story takes place on, but were being forced to return, and most weren't able to use magic. One of those present commented that appealed to him, "more interesting when they have to use the grey matter between their ears."

The Writers' Meeting takes place every Thursday at 11 AM. The discussion is in chat and not voice.
Bixyl Shuftan

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